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NC gay folks take note – this is what the Right wants to do here

Michigan pulls same-sex benefits from contracts. This is why we have to continue the fight against wingnuts that will try to propose a state amendment. If they include questionable language such as Michigan’s Proposal 2 (limiting marriage and “similar unions for any purpose” to heterosexual couples), it’s going to through a wrench into a lot of things. Partners of gay and lesbian employees do not receive spousal benefits at this time, but language added to the state constitution will preclude it from ever being included.

Moreover, if the language is made muddy enough to also prohibit private companies from offering benefits, it will mean many of the major corporations in the area that do have partner benefits may have to withdraw them.

People, the American Taliban preys upon the ignorance of the voter. They will try to craft a “marriage defining” amendment that people of generally tolerant minds won’t understand also outlaws civil unions and partner benefits. I guarantee that some of the straight folks in those eight states that voted to permanently define marriage (and ban civil unions) didn’t realize the amendment did the latter.

Unless the community mobilizes to pick at the language of these amendments BEFORE they get on a ballot, this is what you get — Virginia, Michigan and Ohio are now being forced to roll back any hope for increased tolerance over time by outlawing it.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding