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Ha ha ha — fundie wingnuts mad at Target from banning homophobic Salvation Army

I heart Target.

The Blue Lemur/Raw Story reports that the wingnuts are beside themselves because the Salvation Army has been banned from soliciting in front of Target stores.

Following are some snippets from the AP article and some background on the women’s group (Concerned Women of America) and the seemingly innocuous but sharply conservative Salvation Army.

In 2001, the nation’s oldest charity initially opted to allow regional divisions to offer health benefits to employees’ domestic partners. But it backtracked after pressure from conservative religious organizations.

The Salvation Army was also exposed in 2001 for trying to work behind the scenes with the Bush Administration to dilute local civil rights laws protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination. The Army has said publicly that it tries to keep openly gay men and women out of leadership positions.

…“For Target to say that the Salvation Army is no longer welcome at the inn should send a message to Christians that perhaps they’d like to do their shopping elsewhere,” said Robert Knight, a spokesman for Concerned Women of America.

Oh…and AmericaBlog has found an interesting item for sale at the big T. (A screen grab, since it may not be on the Target site for long).

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Pam Spaulding