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Connecticut GI threatens suicide over going back to Iraq

This guy clearly doesn’t want to return. (CT Post):

A serviceman, apparently distraught over the prospect of being sent back to the war in Iraq, threatened to kill himself as he stood naked and screaming outside his house.

Police took the man into custody at his Fernwood Drive house. He was taken for treatment to Bridgeport Hospital.

Dispatched to investigate a report of a possible suicide attempt Thursday, officers saw the man naked with blood on his body in front of the garage area, police said. As officers approached, the man yelled at them and ran back into the house, according to police.

After struggling with officers, the man told police that he was scheduled to be sent back to Iraq in January, but didn’t want to because he would be forced to kill more people, police said.

The man, who said that he had been drinking, told officers that “he just wanted to die,” police said.

This poor soul clearly is in no condition to go back to Baghdad; the question is whether his psychological condition was caused by whatever it was he experienced there, or whether he was troubled to begin with.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding