Doing that voodoo that they do….

Let’s see…

Roy catches Roger Simon being inconsistent:

Burns, once justifiably regarded as one of our better war correspondents, seems to be suffering from “Burns out,” feeding his audience what they want to hear.

Of course, that is exactly what Roger has been doing since he got a little attention as a blogger. No smear is too icky, no partisan attack is too outrageous as long as it keeps the daily hit level high. Roger has become addicted to the blogging high, and we don’t need to see the burned-out keyboards on the floor or catch a whiff of flop sweat in the air to know that…he’s got a bloggy on his back.

Meanwhile Steve at No More Mr. Nice Blog reports that noted literary deconstructionist and social critic Pat Sajak is appalled that his peers (we assume that he means Bob Eubanks, Bob Barker, and that smartypants francophile Alex Trebeck) are not up in arms enough over the death of Theo Van Gogh who was mainly famous for having a last name that got him discounts from hookers. Sajak forgets that a true artist should die for his art and, in fact, if anyone wants to kill Vincent Gallo, not only won’t we get in your way, we’ll hold your coat and even drive the getaway car if we have the afternoon free.

On the dumber side of the planet, Rush Limbaugh (serial divorcee, drug addict, poor bathroom habits…that guy) gets all hard-nippled because someone mentioned his name on Wolf Blitzer:

SNOW: The 74-year-old Safire, a former Nixon speechwriter is praised not just for his columns but for his journalism. In 1978 he won a Pulitzer for exposing questionable financial dealings of President Carter’s budget director Burt Lance. In the Reagan administration was outspoken about Nancy Reagan’s role in her husband’s administration viewing it as inappropriate. In the Clinton years he once called Hillary Clinton a “congenital liar” for her role in the Whitewater scandal.

RUSH SOUND BITE: Rush Limbaugh, half my brain tied behind my back…

In 2004, the New York Times remains the target of steady criticism from conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, for being too liberal, and Safire’s placement is sure to be watched.

RUSH: So my name just gets thrown in there by the reporter, a little tape from this program. After this report, Wolf Blitzer asked for e-mail suggestions from the CNN audience, and then at the end of the show read a suggestion, and this is how that went.

BLITZER: Here’s how you’re weighing in on our web question today. We’ve been asking you this question all day: “Who do you think should replace William Safire at the New York Times?” Let’s read some of your e-mail. We’re getting hundreds of e-mail responses. Kay writes this: “Rush Limbaugh should replace William Safire.”

RUSH: So in the Wolf Blitzer show, we’ve got some public support that’s building out there. As you know I openly applied for this gig yesterday on this program, and already a groundswell is taking place out there, and it’s so big, and it’s so huge that not even CNN could ignore this. I was not the only nation mentioned. There are other people’s names mentioned, Ann Coulter, Jon Stewart who — I now know who he is, by the way —

Yes. Some woman named “Kay” emailed Wolf and we got us a groundswell folks, tectonic is scope, which is probably why Rush refers to himself as a “nation”. And the really good news is that Rush now knows who Jon Stewart is. You know, the guy whose TV show is a huge success, unlike a certain bloated boil-butt whose syndicated show imploded because it couldn’t carry its weight at two in the morning against infomercials and Canadian rules bowling. Besides Rush’s audience really aren’t TV kind of people because you have to actually look as well as listen, and that’s doing two things at once which is really kind of hard and, in their case, probably dangerous.

And finally, the Pentagon used CNN to dupe the insurgents by reporting news of a phony assault in Fallujah. Seeing as how the White House has been using Fox News like this to fool the public for the past three years, it’s not like it was stretch or anything…

Then again, Fox wants it. They want it bad. You can see it in their eyes….



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