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I'm still laughing at this one. "Mr. Star Jones" …

…is a FOD? The Southern Voice Online all but says that, based on his bachelor party. I don’t watch “The View,”, but the public has been subjected to the over-the-top wedding plans that Ms. Jones, uh Mrs. Reynolds had for some time now. Is this guy on the DL? Well, he really can’t be if there is tongue-wagging like this in the gay press…

We already knew that Mr. STAR JONES, nee AL REYNOLDS, had plenty of friends of Dorothy from the super gay Halloween party he attended last month (dressed as a male stripper, no less). But his bachelor party, apparently, was equally enthralling.

The Friday before his Nov. 13 nuptials to Jones, Reynolds hosted the festivities at New York’s Time Hotel. The theme was “Roman Baths” and we all know Romans and bathhouses are notorious for their staunch … heterosexuality.

Anyway, a “spy” at the party told New York Post gossip column Page Six, “You had to sign a confidentiality agreement to get in and then you were sent to the penthouse, where they made you get naked.”

It gets better.

At the party, there were about 60 men sitting around in bathrobes when 10 topless female dancers came out.

“They were butt-ugly except for two of them who simulated lesbian sex on the bed. Ten people left immediately,” the spy says, not noting whether they left because the dancers were ugly or because they were expecting male dancers.

Now it looks like Reynolds will be forced to stay out of the bathhouse for the next two years. According to Page Six, if the marriage dissolves before then, the couples’ pre-nup states that he won’t see any of Jones’s fortune.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding