Blessed are the sneaky bastards

Sometime back we referred to Mel Gibson’s theological snuff film as Crouching Jesus, Hidden Agenda. Now reader Ed (no, not that Ed, the other one) provides us with a link where handy tips are provided for slipping Jesus through the eye of a needle cracks:

If you are worried that your local schools are teaching children that religion has no place in the study of biology, please consider donating biology-related books, posters, CDs, and DVDs with religious content to your school. These materials can be given to public libraries, too, and even directly to science teachers who can keep them in the classroom as convenient reference sources. Students benefit greatly from being exposed to alternatives to the theory of evolution, which is the bias of most textbooks used these days.

These donations are completely legal, and provide a very good way to provide balance in the school without formally challenging the agenda of the mainstream curriculum.


These donations can also be tax deductible, but are best made anonymously so that a connection is not easily made to the religious affiliations of the donor. Purchases made at Amazon.com can be sent directly to the school’s librarian. (my emphasis)

Oh. And if you want to have some fun, there’s a contest to rename Intelligent Design. Why? Here’s why:

As you know, lately we have enjoyed increasing success in getting religious explanations of life reintroduced into public school curricula, and we believe our strategy of “repackaging” every 10 years has been a critical contributor to this success. In particular, it has allowed our members to appear more “fair and balanced” at school board meetings.

Because appearing to be “fair and balanced” is much more important than actually being “fair and balanced”.

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