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More on the dumbasses that wrecked the local GOP offices

I am all about protesting against the establishment, but this kind of well, “bush-league,” behavior accomplishes nothing except to make your argument look stupid. Tar Heel anarchists say vandalism a statement against system (Herald-Sun):

North Carolinians who identify with the anarchist movement say an attack on the state Republican Party headquarters building three days after the general election was a statement against the political system.

Three people were arrested and charged with felony damage. The suspects, who were bailed out of the Wake County Jail after money was raised with an Internet appeal, face a Monday hearing.

Anarchist Steve Roberts, 22, of Winston-Salem, who says he did not take part in the vandalism at GOP headquarters, said destruction of property pales next to the destruction of the human spirit committed by the political structure.

“The system is incredibly flawed, and has been historically,” Roberts said. “It is not a product of George W. Bush. It’s not a product of the GOP. It’s a product of economic interest over human rights interests, of capitalist interests over human interests.”

When police arrived at the GOP building on the night of Nov. 5, they found about 20 people in black clothes attacking it. A man who lives on Forest Street, next to the headquarters, discovered two women near his garage shedding black clothes and prevented them from leaving until police arrived.

…Roberts and another anarchist, David Phillips of Charlotte, said the damage was a statement of belief following the Nov. 2 election, in which Bush was re-elected.

“I don’t have a moral or ethical problem with breaking windows when entire buildings are being blown up in Fallujah,” Roberts said.

According to Roberts, North Carolina anarchists usually work in quiet ways, such as feeding the hungry and organizing against timber interests in western North Carolina.

Phillips said he has found it difficult to go public with his political views because the media oversimplify anarchism by equating it with violence.

[What did I tell you — dumbasses — Pam]

This is a very complex movement,” he said. “There are anarchists who are totally pacifist. There are those who won’t engage in violent arguments, much less violence.”

At least it tells you that we have stupid right- and left-wing behavior here.

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