Talking trash with Brent Bozell

Brent Bozell is downright unhappy with all of those “gangsters” (that would mean people of the dusky hue in Bozell-land) in sports, as well as people who use, you know, gutter language:

Too many players aspire to create gangsta images and cover themselves with tattoos, record nasty rap albums in their spare time, and push and kick a cameraman or two just to maintain that bad-boy image.


Too many college-game audiences love to chant the fuller form of “B.S.” at referees, and when the game is nationally televised, all of America has to put up with the profanities roared. Earlier this year, a pile of University of Maryland supporters showed up in “F— Duke” T-shirts. Sauced-up fans in the stands greeted Duke’s J.J. Redick at the free-throw line with loud chants of “F— you.” Many of these offenders are the college’s own students. You’d think that university staff and alumni alike would discourage this kind of incivility. It hardly builds the image of a university as a place for high-minded civility and dispassionate learning.

And when it comes to high-minded civility, well, Brent is our go-to guy:

But alas, it was not to be. The moment I walked in, Bozell looked at me angrily and said, “That was horseshit, what you said!” I reconstruct here the rest of the discussion as best I can recall. Although I wrote it down on the way home, a word here or there may be less than precise. Rest assured, though, the nasty parts from Bozell are verbatim:

WALDMAN: What part of it?

BOZELL: You’re a liar!

WALDMAN: What are you talking about?

BOZELL: That stuff about Kerry!

WALDMAN: What, about atrocities?

BOZELL: He called them war criminals!

WALDMAN: He didn’t accuse any individuals of anything.

BOZELL: You’re a liar!

WALDMAN: He never accused those guys of anything.

BOZELL: John Kerry is a liar, and you’re a liar!

WALDMAN: What are you talking about?

BOZELL: Fuck you!

At that, Bozell stormed out.

Presumably to go wash his own mouth out with soap.

Next up: Bill Bennett on why your football pool will cause you to go to hell…

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