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Yep, Newspapers Should Really Worry – Wired

Our friends over at AmericaBlog got a big mention in Wired today in an article talking about the increasing influence of blogs and how folks are looking to the blogosphere for news and opinion and turning away from mainstream media (MSM):

…when young people go online, they tend to browse for news in much the same way they window-shop for jeans or sneakers: sampling a headline here, a blog entry there, a snippet of a story there, until their news cravings are satisfied.

For instance, Patrick Reed, a 27-year-old disc jockey, sound designer and record store manager in Manhattan, clicks to Americablog “for indie politics, Slashdot for geekery,” as well as daily fixes of and Google News — “probably five to 10 times a day,” he said. Reed is afflicted with digital wanderlust and enjoys getting “different perspectives from around the world.”

I mentioned the flip side of this yesterday in my post on Dan Rather; the lack of respect the MSM give the blogosphere and internet is due to the fact that blogs represent a threat to traditional news gathering and analysis — they just don’t get it.

I say, more power to the blogs (on the Left and the Right), because some of today’s journalists are about as lazy as can be about major stories, such as the voting irregularities. They shy away from controversy and fear retribution from their corporate masters and advertisers.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding