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FBI interviews whistleblower about Halliburton's sleazy no-bid deals

Bunny Greenhouse questions Halliburton’s cozy relationship with the Bush admin. Photo: Time..

The Blend’s first post on this was back in October, when Time ran a piece on the pressure being put on Greenhouse. Now the

FBI is interviewing her regarding the Pentagon improperly awarding contracts without competition to Halliburton. Dick Cheney’s office says they had no influence or involvement with the no-bid contracts. Right. (AP):

“They questioned her about all of her concerns, and they asked questions regarding potential involvement of people at higher-level positions,” attorney Michael Kohn said in an interview.

The Associated Press reported last month that the FBI had expanded a criminal probe into allegations Halliburton overcharged the government for fuel, adding questions about whether the Bush administration had improperly awarded business without bidding to Halliburton in Iraq and the Balkans.

…Greenhouse has alleged that she began raising questions to her superiors about why the Pentagon was allowing business to go to Halliburton’s KBR subsidiary without competitive bidding and then was frozen out from decisions when she pressed her concerns.

Pentagon auditors and congressional Democrats have repeatedly turned up problems with Halliburton’s contracts. Some examples:

_The U.S. ambassador to Kuwait intervened to ensure that Halliburton retained a favored Kuwaiti subcontractor for gasoline imports to Iraq. Bush administrative officials have said only career contracting officials made decisions on Halliburton contracts.

_In 2002, Cheney’s chief of staff, a political appointee, was told the vice president’s former company would receive no-bid work to restore Iraq’s oil facilities. Cheney’s spokesman said the information was not given to the vice president.

_Halliburton charged the government $2.68 a gallon to import Kuwaiti gasoline to Iraq while a U.S. government agency did the same job for $1.57 a gallon.

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