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The "paper of record" massively slacks off on the voting irregularities story

When the NYT making light of this important story, and better yet, chastises the online community for doing its job, it has to be called out. THE BRAD BLOG is pretty damn mad. He’s been covering and compiling tons of irregularities. Certainly the Times has enough resources to do the kind of work Brad Friedman is doing, but apparently they either find this story too complicated or too politically charged. I don’t think that the tradition of excellent news journalism has any basis to consider this story untouchable. If that’s the case now, maybe it’s time that the blogging community fill that gap. And that includes all political persuasions, because I’m sure even the wingnuts feel the MSM often miss the boat on stories they care about.

But back to the voting debacle — many of us are pretty pissed at the shabby coverage by the mainstream media about all the voting irregularities and you can vent about this. Brad’s got a link to mass email the appropriate Times people about your displeasure. Here’s Brad on the situation:

The New York Times has been bravely leading the way in ignoring the story of America’s failure to hold an honest, clean and transparent election. Even though they’ve had time to dismiss the whole affair as “the conspiracy theories of leftwing bloggers.”

Their criticism and sniffing dismissal of those of us who give a damn about getting this story right and told to the American people accurately is ironic coming from the “newspaper of record” which spent a year helping us get into a war by becoming the unquestioning lapdog of the Bush Adminstration’s rhetoric and inaccurate propoganda. They had to issue an apology for their crappy reporting. And they’ve got the gall to criticize “bloggers” for covering this story?!

UPDATE: Brad has added 15 Unanswered Questions about Election 2004 a little cheat sheet for the lazy journalists at the NYT. Armed with this little guide, perhaps they can make a few phone calls and do a little work on this story?

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