A gentle cleansing of the snark gland…

As I’m sure you noticed blogging has been a bit scarce this week and I want to assure everyone that I’m not suffering from the George Got Re-elected, We’re All Gonna Die Blues. The way I look at it: when life gives you lemons, throw them at the heads of people you don’t like and then run like hell. It’s all snark fodder to me.

But I was away from the computer most of this week, with work sucking up a honking chunk of my extra time. The best part was not reading Sullivan, Kaus, Totten, Simon, Reynolds, or any of the 101st Fighting Keyboarders all week, which was quite refreshing, thank you very much. Tonight Mrs. TBogg and I went and saw The Motorcycle Diaries (we liked it) but only because she didn’t want to go see the SpongeBob movie which would only re-ignite the great SpongeBob: Gay or Not? debate, and who needs that on a date?. Tomorrow night the three of us are off to Cox Arena to see Green Day with all the other American Idiots, so it’s set the computer to record Desperate Housewives for later viewing, and blogging be damned.

I’ll be back on Monday.

And, yes, SpongeBob is gay. Deal with it…

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