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The triumphant Boseman (L), and wingnut liar Mike Adams.

This outrage almost doesn’t deserve discussion, because the right-wing writer, Mike S. Adams, has a screw loose. He is basically accusing recently-elected NC State Senator Julia Boseman (and the first out lesbian elected official here) of engineering her opponent’s homophobic campaigning against her by committing “one of the most disgraceful episodes of political passive aggression in North Carolina history.” I am not f*cking kidding — read this hateful, ignorant crap:

In order to win the support of a powerful gay rights PAC known as the “Victory Fund,” Boseman had to meet their “stringent criteria and complete an exhaustive screening process” in order to demonstrate that she was a “viable candidate.”

Translation: Boseman had to a) interject her sexuality into the campaign and, b) make her sexuality relevant by supporting initiatives such as gay marriage. In return she got a lot of money.

But after Boseman interjected her sexuality into the campaign, her Republican opponent took issue with her acceptance of money from the “Victory Fund.” The local Republican party then ran an advertisement objecting to her decision to (homo) sexualize the campaign in exchange for out-of-state money. Their reasoning was simple: Gay lobbyists in Washington do not care about our local schools and North Carolinians don’t care for gay marriage.

…And, of course, Julia Boseman won her election. She did it by sitting back and grinning while her opponent was falsely dubbed a “bigot” and a “hate criminal” by hysterical homosexuals and remorseless reporters.

His piece continues with a convoluted secondary story involving the writer having been sued by Boseman for defamation over speculation Adams made about the father of Boseman and her partner’s child. The end result is Adams had to issue an apology to Boseman.

Freepers are bashing Boseman at the forum “Evangelicals: America’s Taliban.”

To: little jeremiah

Julia Boseman is another hate filled gay maggot. She hates Christians, republicans and conservatives:

To: paudio

How in the world did this beotch get elected in North Carolina in the first place?

To: paudio

We need to write volumes to and about this “sinator.” Let’s track down her address. Further, let’s blanket our Republican and RINO senators with correspondence to make certain this windbag goes nowhere but out when she’s up for re-election.

To: paudio

Well why not elect Lesbos, etc., to the NC legislature, we apparently already have representatives from every other group of missfits, such as mentally, morally, mutated, misinformed, disinformed, malformed, evoluted, inflated, deflated, constipated, doubledated, overrated, underrated, carbondated, blinddated, and irritating as hell.

Bring them all on. All except those showing any indication of a slant toward rationality-NC has it’s reputation to protect, after all.

To: Smokin’ Joe

“Lust is their currency, abortion is their sacrament, and sodomy is their communion. Oh, and lies and more lies are the scripture verse of the day.”

Lie-berals, especially “gay” agenda promoters. But they’ve all drunk the same Koolaid.

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