What the hell is wrong with this Georgia man?

Motive Elusive in Ga. Crematory Case. This is one of the sickest cases in recent memory. I’m sure you read about this sometime ago. Yet another case that makes it look like some Southerners are off their rockers.

Even after the criminal case against crematory operator Ray Brent Marsh comes to an end, the victims’ relatives are likely to be left wondering why 334 bodies were dumped and cement dust was passed off as their ashes.

Marsh was expected to plead guilty Friday to theft and abuse of corpse charges as part of a plea deal in which he will serve no more than 12 years in prison. A source close to the case told The Associated Press that the sentence, which covers all 787 counts against Marsh, will be followed by a probation that would effectively last the rest of his life.

Marsh allegedly stopped performing cremations in 1997, when he took over the family business that served funeral homes in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. After an anonymous tip in February 2002, investigators found bodies scattered on the crematory property — in the woods, in buildings and crammed into burial vaults and behind Marsh’s house.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding