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House Blend reader Fredda is keeping us informed about the political temperature in the district of newly-elected NC State Senator Julia Boseman. She’s the first out lesbian elected to a state office here. [More on that story here.] As one would expect in a Red State, there are folks unhappy with this turn of events, and it’s showing up in various ways that you might expect. But there are some Blue letters from folks out there too. NC is a mixed bag; there is progressive hope living alongside the wingnuts.

Letters to the editor (StarNewsOnline)

Enough garbage in the U.S.A.

EDITOR: Cultural liberalism has taken a beating, and it’s far past time that this country returned to the moral ground on which it was founded.

The filth and garbage on TV and in movies, epitomized by such as Britney Spears, the Hiltons, Howard Stern, Madonna, Michael Moore, etc., have heard the message, which was large part of the Bush victory.

Homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion and related philosophies all outscored Iraq and terrorism issues as Americans went to the polls in record numbers.

The silent majority has finally drawn a line in the sand inside the voting booth. God bless the U.S.A.

Joan E. Stall


You gotta believe

EDITOR: If the Bush administration said the sun was not going to come up tomorrow morning, 70 percent of Americans would believe it.

Once the sun came up, but Dick Cheney insisted the sun was not up, 70 percent of Americans would believe that.

If a blue ribbon commission of sunrise experts deliberated for many months and produced a lengthy, detailed report that stated yes, the sun is shining, 70 percent of Americans would not believe it.

If because of the “sunshine report” the Bush administration finally had to admit that the sun was up, 70 percent of Americans would still insist the sun was not up.

That’s one heck of a way to run a democracy.

Evidence does not matter.

It’s all about believing whatever you want.

L.E. Dieffenbach


TV chickened out

EDITOR: WWAY and its parent company Liberty (what’s in a name?) clucked like a bunch of chickens on Thursday.

They broadcast these brain-dead reality shows, a couple of idiotic comedies and fling more sex through Desperate Housewives on a weekly basis, but then refuse to air Saving Private Ryan on Veterans Day. We talk about paying tribute to our soldiers, and this movie does.

Shame on these people. They should’ve had some courage, stood up to the FCC, and shown this movie.

Kirk Lohrli


Reach out

EDITOR: In response to the Nov.12 Miles Christian Daniels column “Gay Americans: What’s next?”

I commend Mr. Daniels for being honest enough to acknowledge that there is no scientific proof that anyone is born gay.

I contend that there never will be any such proof because God’s word clearly views such lifestyle behavior as being an abominable sin and God doesn’t change. â€?

While I’m pleased that America voted a resounding no to the issue of gay marriage, that still leaves gays and the rest of us with the question, “Where do we go from here?”

I hope America’s churches will reach out in love to gays, not to endorse their lifestyle, but to help them understand that there is truly a way out.

Michael Sullivan

Ocean Isle Beach

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