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Looks like TinkyWinky is old hat. The American Family Association has moved along to Shark Tale. Big tips to John at AmericaBlog for this pointer.

Something’s Swishy About Shark Tale:

Cartoon Primes Kids with a Pro-Homosexual Message

It is an axiom for many parents that, when it comes to teaching kids what they need to know, “It’s never too young to start.”

What happens when Hollywood applies the same axiom to teaching young people — even children — to accept homosexuality?

That appears to be the case in the DreamWorks animated film Shark Tale, released in theaters in October. While it won’t take in the money of last year’s Disney/Pixar hit Finding Nemo, the DreamWorks story of life under the sea netted almost $119 million in its first 17 days in theaters.

…It is when Shark Tale turns its attention to Lenny that it veers toward an undercurrent of approval for homosexuality. While it is difficult to prove intent when a film does not explicitly make a character “gay,” the story and dialogue demonstrate an implicit approval of homosexuality.

The movie is, as Peter Debruge of Premiere magazine said in a review, “a weak allegory about a macho dad learning to accept his gay son.”

A Son Who’s ‘Different’

In developing this allegory, Shark Tale uses all of the familiar Hollywood plot devices, beginning with the son who is “different,” and who fails to measure up to the cultural standards of manhood.

Lenny’s mannerisms and voice tend toward the effeminate, notes a review by Scott Tobias in The Onion A.V. Club, but that’s not the worst of it. For in sharkdom, masculinity is measured by one’s proficiency as a meat-eater.

This insanity goes on and on, but you get the drift. These are the folks that Bush, Rove and Mehlman got in bed with to win.

They are going to self-destruct.

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