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More sadistic fun in the damn dirty South….MmmmMmmmGood…

Ga. Father Apologizes for Daughter’s Cake. (AP):

The father of one of two 13-year-old girls accused of serving poisoned cake to about a dozen students said Thursday he and his daughter were sorry it happened.

“It was a horrible prank that went too far and a lot of people have suffered,” the father told The Associated Press. The man asked that he not be identified by name to protect his daughter.

The girls were held on assault charges Wednesday, a day after handing out the cornbread cake at East Cobb Middle School.

Lab tests showed the icing contained an expired prescription drug, bleach, clay and hot-pepper sauce, police said. Eleven students who ate it were treated at a hospital and released.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding