Just poked my head in….

…and Rod Dreher inadvertently (is there any other way?) made me laugh:

Today is a big day around my house: my wife will finally finish “I Am Charlotte Simmons,” the new Tom Wolfe novel, which means I’ll get my hands on it. Julie loves the book, and says she’s amazed that Wolfe, in his seventies, got the reality of college life down so accurately. She’s seven years out of college, and says the book rings true to her. Moreover, she says that she understands why The New York Times and other MSM outlets have negged the book. She told me last night, “Tom Wolfe rejects the sexual revolution, and his protagonist is a good girl with traditional morals. When she compromises on her standards, she takes it hard. I bet this worldview is inconceivable for the kind of people who write reviews for The New York Times, but it makes perfect sense to readers like me.”
(my emphasis).

Well, yeah. It kinda of makes it easier that way. You would think a guy with a name like Rod would know that.

And Rod, honey? Is it supposed to be this soft?

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