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I leave my computer for a couple of hours and look at all the juicy GOP gay sh*t that hits the fan!

Graphic from BlogActive.

1. Looks like our RNC “straight man” Dan Mehlman is going to be outed by The Washington Blade, according to Mike Rogers at BlogActive:

Chris Crain, editor of the Washington Blade has gone on line speculating about the sexual orientation of RNC Chairman-designate Ken Mehlman. The press in the nations capital considers Mehlman’s private life relevant!

I’m just going to keep running this picture of Queen Mehlman…

One of my sources inside the Blade told me this piece was coming from Crain. While, I expected it to have something a little more “juicy” — I will share with you how one very sharp attorney parses his words to make you believe he has no information. As a great American once said, “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.”

Dan Gurley enjoys barebacking; and that’s not riding horsies, Mr. Dobson.

2. The Raw Story exposes the “unseemly” desires of recently outed National Field Director and deputy political director for the Republican National Committee Daniel Gurley. Apparently the dodo has an online profile at and he solicited unprotected sex and multiple sex partners. This is, as John Byrne notes, in seeming contradiction with the GOP’s call for abstinence and positions on gay issues. Oh, and a screen grab of his profile was made before it was taken down. Nice.

Take the hypocrites down.

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