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Ready to move to Canada? Check out CNN’s story Canadians open arms to Americans. It’s about several efforts by Canadian companies to woo us. One is a Vancouver immigration lawyer’s plan to hold seminars on how disgruntled Americans can make the move across the border. Another is a web site started up by Vancouver-based Internet company, Communicopia called The AP has a list of reasons Canada is attractive to free-thinking individuals worried about the fundy takeover of the U.S. goverment. :


1. Canada has universal public health care.

2. Canada has no troops in Iraq.

3. Canada signed the Kyoto Protocol environmental treaty.

4. More than half of Canada’s provinces allow same-sex marriage.

5. The Canadian Senate recommends legalizing marijuana.

6. Canada has no law restricting abortion.

7. Canada has strict gun laws and relatively little violence.

8. The United Nations has ranked Canada the best country to live in for eight consecutive years.

9. Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976.

10. Canada has not run a federal deficit since 1996-97.

Source: The Associated Press

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding