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Looks like BC04 campaign manager Ken Mehlman is going to be named head of the RNC. Interesting, as he has been dodging questions about his sexuality for some time now. Why wouldn’t he, given the reception that this news will get by the religious wingnuts — they are ready to burn all homos at the stake right about now.

UPDATE (8:55 PM EST): Confirmed — Mehlman has been named by Bush to head the RNC. Join the active discussions going on at AmericaBlog and BlogActive.

Am I straight or gay? Well, I’m head of the RNC now, honey.

John Byrne at Raw Story has been on this for some time. I wrote the RNC to let them know what I think about the issue last week. They read the mail (I requested return receipt), but — big surprise — I received no response.

Folks over at AmericaBlog are having a good time with this one.

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Pam Spaulding