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Medics and nurses unload an injured American soldier from a Marine medevac helicopter at the 31st Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq (news – web sites) Saturday, Nov. 13, 2004. The soldier received a gunshot wound to the head and later went into surgery.(AP Photo/John Moore)

Just the fact, ma’am. The AP’s round up of Saturday’s events in Iraq says it all. When you string a list of facts together like this for ONE F*CKING DAY, you see the magnitude of the carnageand the toll it is taking. No strategy, no spin. We do not have control of the situation, even around the so-called Green zone. (via Herald-Sun):

U.S. troops declared the entire city of Fallujah was “occupied but not subdued,” saying it could take several days more to clear pockets of resistance. Iraqi officials acknowledged the two most wanted figures in the city — Jordanian terror mastermind Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Sheik Abdullah al-Janabi — had escaped. The offensive against Fallujah claimed the lives of at least 24 American troops and an estimated 1,000 insurgents.

— At least five heavy explosions rocked central Baghdad after nightfall. There was no immediate explanation for the blasts. Sirens were heard coming from the fortified Green Zone, which houses the U.S. and Iraqi leadership. The U.S. military had no immediate comment. A militant group, the Ansar al-Sunnah Army, claimed responsibility in a statement posted on the Internet. The claim’s authenticity could not be verified.

A mortar round whistled overhead at the Green Zone as journalists and others were waiting to accompany interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi to southern Iraq. The projectile did not explode. The round passed over just before Allawi arrived at the helipad for the trip.

— Iraq’s health minister said the evacuation has begun of wounded civilians trapped inside Fallujah during four days of military operations. On Friday, aid agencies including the Red Cross warned of a major humanitarian disaster unless Iraqi and U.S. authorities allow food, water and medicine to reach the trapped civilians.

A car bomb exploded in the northern city of Mosul as a convoy of Iraqi National Guards passed, injuring seven, said Radwan Hannoun of the Jumhuri Hospital. An armed uprising in sympathy with Fallujah’s insurgents has killed 10 Iraqi National Guards and one American soldiers in recent days.

— Airstrikes and clashes west of Baghdad between U.S. troops and rebels have left four people dead and 29 others wounded, police and hospital officials said.

Mortar rounds hit a residential neighborhood in Samarra, killing two children and injuring eight people, police said. Six of the wounded were children and the other two were women, the police said. Witnesses said they believed the rounds were fired at a U.S. base but missed their target.

— A U.S. warplane dropped a 500-pound bomb in Fallujah to destroy an insurgent tunnel network, CNN embedded correspondent Jane Arraf reported.

Saboteurs attacked an oil pipeline north of Baghdad, sending flames and smoke billowing against the night sky. The pipeline carries crude from Taji, 12 miles north of Baghdad, to the Dora refinery in Baghdad.

Insurgents attacked three Marine convoys in the western flashpoint city of Ramadi, but a Marine spokesman said there were no casualties. U.S. troops have been engaged in heavy clashes with militants in the city for weeks. Ramadi is 70 miles west of Baghdad.

— U.S. forces clashed with insurgents in northern Iraq, leaving one Iraqi killed and 10 others injured in the crossfire, a hospital official said. The clashes erupted when insurgents attacked an American patrol in Tal Afar, 30 miles west of the northern city of Mosul.

— Three clerics from an influential Sunni Muslim scholars group were arrested by Iraqi security forces, along with nearly 20 of their followers in raids on mosques in and south of Baghdad, the group said.

More than 70 U.S. soldiers from Iraq were flown to a military hospital in Ramstein, Germany, most of them wounded in the battle for Fallujah, officials said.

— France believes two French journalists held hostage in Iraq are still alive, but authorities have lost direct contact with their kidnappers, the foreign minister said.

Insurgents armed with grenades attacked a Romanian army convoy in Iraq, Romania’s Defense Ministry said. No casualties were reported. Romania has about 730 troops in Iraq.

Relatives of Kenneth Bigley, the Briton beheaded in Iraq, remembered him at a tearful memorial service in Liverpool, England, as an honest, funny man whose brutal killing devastated those who loved him.

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