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Yet another political map of the US is out there, and it slices the electoral analysis in an interesting way.. It’s chronicled on a great Daily Kos diary by litho, and presents the work of Robert David Sullivan, of CommonWealth ( I’m going to quote the witty litho on Sullivan’s work:

Sullivan divides the Old Confederacy into five different regions, four of which overlap with other parts of the country. Kerry won one of those regions, El Norte (composed mostly of Spanish speaking areas in South Florida, South Texas, and Southern California), outright. Another, Big River (which follows the Mississippi from Arkansas to Minnesota) is the quintessential swing region; Kerry lost this region by 1.1 points.

“Southern Comfort” is the name Sullivan gives to the region populated by what I call “idiot rednecks”: basically the Gulf Coast from Southern Florida through Louisiana including all of East Texas, most of Oklahoma and parts of Western Missouri and Arkansas. Bush took 61.3% of the vote here, his second highest percentage in all of Sullivan’s regions.

Here’s the map:

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding