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The wingnuts have been beside themselves because Julia Boseman, an out lesbian has been elected to the NC state senate (and they are eager to revive the attempt to pass a state and national constitutional amendment).

The Wilmington (NC) StarNewsOnline withdrew its endorsement of her opponent, Woody White, when he decided that gay baiting/gay bashing was a legitmate campaign tactic. It backfired, he lost, and now his supporters are lashing out.

Thanks to House Blend reader Fredda for passing along these interesting Letters to the Editor (she’s scouting out for more)…

EDITOR: On Nov. 2, Christian Americans made a loud statement. Eleven states passed amendments to define marriage as exclusively between a man and woman.

They also came out strong in supporting President Bush, who is pro-life and against embryonic stem cell research.

While nationally Christian conservatives drew a line in the sand, here in Wilmington we somehow found ourselves stalled in the ’90s mentality of moral appeasement by electing Julia Boseman to represent New Hanover county as state senator.

We feared the stigma of being labled “intolerant.” Star-News columnist Si Cantwell slammed Woody White’s ad questioning Ms. Boseman’s association with the Victory Fund, as “overly strident,” potentially stirring up hatred and prejudice, yet it raises a valid point. I guess it just wasn’t a P.C. point, was it, Mr. Cantwell?

If you log on to the Victory Fund web site, they clearly state that their intention is to increase the number of gay and lesbian public officials. I, for one, resent the way Mr. White was vilified for pointing this out.

The sad fact is, the Victory Fund painted a target on New Hanover County, took aim, and scored a bull’s eye. Now we will be subjected to their agenda, as a result.

Tom Lewis



Weddings are a cause for celebration – and so are the election results from states where voters were asked whether the traditional definition of marriage should be protected.

Eleven states approved marriage-preservation amendments – every one that had one on the ballot. Voters in those states demonstrated their understanding not only of the last two millennia of history, but also of social science data that clearly indicates the value of the traditional family to children and society.

Sadly, though, the ballot box is no match for the judge’s gavel in modern-day America. Don’t be surprised if the next headline you read about this issue involves a state court’s ruling one of the amendments unconstitutional …

The only weapon to effectively battle such tyranny is another amendment – to the U.S. Constitution.

Cathy Ibrahim



Pro-Boseman letters

Grandma knew mud and fleas

EDITOR: Many, many years ago my late grandmother correctly pointed out to me that “If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas” and, “If you throw mud at someone, you’ll usually get some on yourself.”

Should state Sen. Woody White choose to run for public office again, he might do a great deal better if he paid attention to my grandmother’s wisdom.

Don Brauer


EDITOR: It was a happy moment to see Julia Boseman win a seat in the State Senate over Woody White.

Not because she is gay, or a woman, mind you, but because she showed more class during Woody’s reign of gay-bashing than he has in his pinkie finger …

She stuck to her qualifications and agenda and didn’t allow his childish rant to affect her campaign and she didn’t offer return bashing and kept her maturity intact.

What a tacky last-ditch effort, bashing her sexuality …

Bye, Woody White. Good riddance. Now you might have time to sit back and learn something from a very professional and wise woman.

Annette Warner


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