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Think your government cares about your health and safety? A NC drug expert has been bounced from a panel on Vioxx’s safety (AP):

“A federal drug safety adviser said Friday the government rescinded his invitation to participate in a February meeting on the risk of Vioxx and other arthritis drugs because he had already publicly expressed doubts about the medications.

‘The reason was that I had expressed my views publicly,’ said Dr. Curt Furberg, a Wake Forest University School of Medicine professor of public health sciences.

This week, Furberg’s analysis showing a doubling of risk of heart and stroke among heart disease patients taking Bextra was discussed at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting. Furberg was quoted as saying, ‘Basically, we showed that Bextra is no different than Vioxx, and Pfizer is trying to suppress that information.’

On Thursday morning, when the agency was closed for the holiday, an FDA official called Furberg, a federal adviser on drug safety and risk management, to say he was no longer welcome at the February meeting.

The FDA did not immediately respond to a reporter’s request for comment. “

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding