Good article in Wired News about the underuse of both the independent political blogosphere and the campaigns’ own blogs.

“If Kerry had addressed the Swift Boat issues on (political blogs), it would have popped back up into the mainstream media,” said Larry Biddle, a veteran Democratic political operative and former deputy national finance director for Howard Dean. “I would have said to Kerry that you need to do this, you need to respond to this…. There are instances where the (blogging) community creates mainstream news, creates big conversation, and it becomes so attractive to the mainstream media, the broadcast media, that they pick it up.”

…Many in the blogosphere are acutely aware that most political campaigns, like most companies that have started to publish corporate blogs, have yet to discern a way to incorporate blogs in any meaningful way. And at last weekend’s BloggerCon at Stanford Law School, many bloggers bemoaned the fact that most candidates are missing the boat on what could be a powerful political tool.

One issue raised at BloggerCon was whether candidates’ blogs need to be written by the candidates themselves to be effective.

“It’s very important for campaigns to have a voice,” said Cameron Barrett, the author of the blog CamWorld. “But it’s important whose voice it is. If (a voice other than the candidate’s) becomes identified with the campaign, that can become a problem.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding