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My wifey hails from Alabama, and it’s an endless source of my ribbing here. Four years ago, Alabama finally repealed a ban on interracial marriage, but 40 percent of the state still voted in favor of the ban. Apparently they’re still in favor of living in back in the cotton-picking days, since the crackers voted to leave segregationist language in the state constitution. (WP):

“Old times are not forgotten in the heart of Dixie. Alabama voters elected a Supreme Court candidate linked to Old South ideals and apparently killed a move to strike segregationist language from the state Constitution, a victory of sorts for the state’s neo-Confederate crowd.

Michael Hill, president of the pro-secession League of the South, said Tom Parker’s election Tuesday and the Amendment Two results make it obvious many Alabama voters still identify with Southern causes.

A black law professor said the twin developments were worrisome.

‘The message is that people don’t care, they don’t understand, and that some people are bigots,’ said Bryan Fair, who teaches at the University of Alabama.

Parker denied any race-based agenda, and Amendment Two opponents said their objections were based solely on the possibility that the measure would lead to new taxes for public schools, not racism. But issues and symbols dating back generations became an undercurrent flowing through some races in Alabama. “

I had to ask Katie about this so I could try and explain this. She said the folks in Alabama have no clue that these beliefs are as backward as they are to the outside world. They are proud of their roots and traditions and have a selective memory regard sh*t like Bull Connor siccing dogs on people. This is why you’ve got people driving cars down the street with air horns that blare “Dixie” and they don’t think it offends anyone. Entirely too recently she said there was a legendary sign at the entrance to a town called Cullman that said, “Welcome to Cullman”, and as a subhead it said: “Nigger, don’t let the sun set behind your back.”

Much of the Alabama white population of means is “quaintly” racist and votes accordingly, mostly because they choose to have little or no contact with people of color other than ones they hire to clean or garden. (I guess they’ve progressed to the point they’re willing to pay them for what they consider “menial work”, since they can’t own them!).

She says that since they don’t socialize with people of color they have zero frame of reference other than what they see on the news. They live in their insulated world, creating their own 1950s society of Birmingham Belles and other precious southern traditions.

Punish that state — it’ll never go Blue.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding