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I don’t follow the NBA. I stopped paying attention when they quit calling traveling and when the forwards forgot how to hit from outside. So, having said that, I will admit that I am completely unfamiliar with Ron Artest. Never heard of him. Sorry. Next. But then I read this today:

Indiana Pacers forward Ron Artest said Wednesday that he asked coach Rick Carlisle for time off because of a busy schedule that included promoting a soon-to-be released rap album, which led to his two-game benching.

Artest held a short news conference before Wednesday night’s 102-68 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, and in his usual ambiguous manner, tried to explain why he was benched.

Artest said that he asked Carlisle for as much as a month off to heal his aching body and recover from a particularly busy schedule.

“My body has been aching, I was going to take some time off and I said it the wrong way,” Artest said. “Everything that happened wasn’t too negative. I kind of surprised the team by wanting to take some games off, just to get back together, maybe stay home for a little bit, rest a little bit and come back.”

Okay. The season is all of five games old…and he wants to take some time off and “maybe stay home for a little bit”.


Maybe it’s me, but why, when I think of Artest do I see this guy in my head?

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