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They’re floating Ken Mehlman as a possible successor to Ed Gillespie at the RNC.

If that isn’t the height of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is. This is the guy that’s been dodging questions about his own sexuality (or the other self-loathing queer Bushies besides good old Mary Cheney), in the midst of running the most homophobic campaigns in the history of this country.

Join the discussion (and activism) at John Aravosis’s AMERICAblog. Folks are writing the RNC to politely point out the irony of this Ken Mehlman trial balloon. Here’s my letter:

Good day.

I have heard in recent news reports that Ken Mehlman is under consideration for the RNC chair. I believe that this would present an interesting change of leadership.

The Republican National Committee is an organization that has openly participated in anti-gay marketing and mailings to help Republican candidates in this election cycle.

Is Mr. Mehlman and the RNC comfortable with aspects of his own life — that may or may not be in concert with the tone of these policies — being shared with the voting population he wishes to serve with these well-honed homophobic tactics? Is it relevant that gay or lesbian staff members working for the campaign, the RNC and the White House, such as Mary Cheney, are committed to legislating the restriction of civil rights to gay and lesbian tax-paying citizens?

Mr. Mehlman has declared the gay issue is fair game for politics and this new culture war that has brewed over the election cycle and now, post-election. The fundamentalist Right has declared victory with the delf-described “mandate” of President Bush. FMA is going to be submitted again.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Mehlman will endorse open discussion of anti-gay policies and the Republican party, and will answer frank questions about how policy will affect the lives of gay and lesbian citizens. The GOP has made it clear that gays and lesbians and their relationships are a threat to the sanctity of marriage, to military cohesion, and even to the profession of teaching.

Thank you for your time.


–Pam Spaulding

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding