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“He is, once again, over playing his hand.” — Freeper Texasforever

You know Jerry Falwell has lost all credibility when the Freepers are dumping on him. Even they are ashamed of this grandstanding, sanctimonious bastard as he is getting drunk with power again. I love it…keep them squirming, Jerry. We need to exploit this. Actual Freeper comments are below.

“If he didn’t exist the mainstream media would have to invent him.

Jerry Falwell choking a Tinky-Winky doll will be put forward as representative of all of us (and he’ll willingly go on tv to do it). Just can’t wait. He’s our own Jesse Jackson.”

“Falwell helped elect Reagan in 1980, but then became so controversial he hurt the movement. Moral Majority became a pejorative that the Christian Coalition studiously avoided in later years. I’m not happy to see Brother Jerry out there so soon after the election. This is like handing Rather and co. a bucket of ammunition.”

“Falwell is an opportunist who inevitably overreaches.

This is not good news, and I’m sure George W. Bush is not relishing Falwell muscling his way on the stage. Robertson is sure to follow, with his circus.”

“I’m not going to say he should be restricted as a citizen from organizing toward a goal we share, I’d just rather he keep it low key. Infact, I’d rather all the high profiles out there keep it low key. Work in the communities and let the lesser known citizens take the lead. More head way is made by unknown citizens working to make their government better, than from high profile un-elected names stepping into the process.”

“Of course, here comes the over-reach and Jerry Fallwell is going to lead the opportunistic charge. Now we will see Fallwell on every talk-show, playing into the hands of the media who will be more than happy to portray HIM as the face of conservatism and the Republican party. He will get so much face-time and reasonable conservatives who are actually well-liked by the general populace will be left sitting in the green room. Great.”


Elections are over, lower the alert. Check out Jeff Mathews’ Muppet Terror Alert.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding