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Georgia queers (and allies) are stepping up to the plate already. They are suing over their fresh new state super-DOMA.

Gay-rights supporters sued over Georgia’s newly approved constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, saying Tuesday the wording did not make it clear that voters were also being asked to ban civil unions.

On Monday, Republican members of the state House vowed to fight the expected lawsuit.

“We will take all actions necessary to defend the decision of the people and will not look kindly upon any tampering with our state constitution,” said Rep. Glenn Richardson.

The plaintiffs had previously tried to block the vote on the same grounds – that it was misleading – but the state Supreme Court decided it could not intervene until a vote had been taken.

Georgia was one of 11 states that approved amendments against gay marriage last week. A lawsuit has already been filed in another one of those states, Oklahoma.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding