Serve your country. No matter what. Even if you’re raped by a colleague.  NYT: Classified as AWOL, Lieutenant Says She Was Raped at Army Base.

A lieutenant in the New Jersey National Guard has been accused of going AWOL because she has refused for the last two months to return to an Army base in Mississippi where, she says, a fellow officer raped her.

UPDATE: The military morons somewhat came to their senses…she no longer has to report to the base where her attacker is — Army won’t send officer to site of alleged rape (NJ Star-Ledger). It still doesn’t sound like they really get it.


The Army has dropped its demand that an AWOL New Jersey National Guard lieutenant who said she was raped at a base in Mississippi report back to duty at the scene of the alleged assault. Instead, Lt. Jennifer Dyer was directed to report to an Army installation in New Jersey.

…”Were there some things we did that shouldn’t have been done? We’re investigating,” Steele said yesterday. “We’re reviewing all of our procedures and that would include her treatment.”

Dyer has said she felt mistreated by the Army after she reported the assault because her complaint was viewed with skepticism by her commanders and because she had to pay for her own medical treatment. Her alleged assailant, she said, told investigators the sex was consensual.

Dyer views the Army’s offer to report to a facility in New Jersey with skepticism.

“This doesn’t answer my questions,” she said yesterday. “I could go to Fort Dix and they could ship me anywhere they want. It doesn’t make me want to trust them.”

…Dyer, who said she offered twice to take a polygraph test during the course of the investigation, was interviewed for eight hours over two days by an Army criminal investigator “who kept telling me that filing a false complaint would have a negative impact on my career.”

She said yesterday that her only desire is to be allowed to leave the Army.

The updated diary with details is here.

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