San Diego Republicans

Don’t know how to win:

Political tempers are running hot even after the election. On Saturday, Gary Jimenez discovered two tires slashed on his Volvo station wagon with its four anti-Bush bumper stickers. Lest he miss the point, the vandals left a note on the windshield that said: “We voted . . . Now you can either move to another country (maybe France, Germany, Iran or Pakistan will take you) or stop your whiney belly aching. This country was founded by righteous God-fearing men of integrity like George W. Bush. Now, take off these bumper stickers. We don’t want to see them again.”

…and don’t know how to lose

San Diego’s mayoral race is headed to the courts, where a lawsuit filed yesterday contends that the write-in candidacy of Councilwoman Donna Frye – who appears to hold a slender lead – violated the City Charter.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney John Howard, seeks an injunction halting the vote count by the county registrar of voters, a finding that the Nov. 2 ballot with a space for a mayoral write-in was “improper and unlawful,” and a runoff election pitting Mayor Dick Murphy against challenger Ron Roberts.

Need I mention that Murphy and Roberts are Republicans, and Frye is a…c’mon…you guess.



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