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Chris Bowers on MyDD has an excellent essay on “Real Conservative Values”. Stop by and pitch in your own thoughts. A snippet:

One of the more preposterous things I see many on the lefty blogosphere post about is how George Bush is not a “real” conservative. In making this argument, many bloggers go on to cite the supposed conservative values that George Bush does not represent. These values go something like this:

* “Real” conservatives value fiscal responsibility and solvency, but George Bush does not

* “Real” conservatives value personal liberties, but George Bush does not.

* “Real” conservatives are not interested in overseas adventurism, especially without the help of our allies, but George Bush does not.

To all of this I say hogwash. George Bush is a self-proclaimed conservative. In this election, 84% of those people who identify as conservatives voted for George Bush, thereby endorsing his policies.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding