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McGreevey Makes His Farewell Address. Well this guy of questionable ethics (that doesn’t set him apart from the average NJ politician) is stepping down soon. We’ve probably not heard the last of him, or the jokes about him either. Even so, one cannot take away the fact that his coming out was a huge political and personal event.

A contrite Gov. James E. McGreevey delivered a farewell address Monday in which he said he does not apologize “for being a gay American but rather for having let personal feelings impact my decision-making.”

McGreevey used the speech to list several accomplishments of his administration, but the Democrat also expounded on the soul-searching that has occupied his time since making his stunning, nationally televised resignation announcement three months ago with his wife and parents by his side.

“I am sorry that I have disappointed the citizens of the state of New Jersey who gave me this enormous trust,” said McGreevey, whose family did not attend Monday’s speech.

McGreevey is to step down Nov. 15. He resigned over a gay affair with a man identified as Golan Cipel — hired by the governor in 2002 to head the state’s Homeland Security department. Cipel has steadfastly denied any involvement with McGreevey and has alleged he was sexually harassed by the governor.

“I don’t look back with bitterness, anger or sorrow. I look forward to seeking knowledge, a journey of self-discovery,” the governor told a crowd of about 400 people at a museum, at times quoting from philosophers and poets.

…The governor also called for an end to partisan politics and blamed himself for contributing to a climate in which “we smile in person and then throw each other under the bus when we leave the room.”

“I’m not seeking to avoid my own contributions at times to this division,” he said. “The history of America is to expand civil liberties in a responsible and civil manner.”


Don’t forget to tune into Wednesday’s Law and Order, which looks like there’s going to be a gay marriage subplot. Check out the synopsis:

GOV LOVE: GOVERNOR IN TROUBLE WHEN WIFE IS MURDERED AND HIS AFFAIR WITH BUSINESSMAN LEADS TO GAY MARRIAGE SHOWDOWN — CHRIS SARANDON GUEST STARS — In a controversial episode torn from recent headlines, Detectives Fontana (Dennis Farina) and Green (Jesse L. Martin) follow the sensational murder of the wife of Connecticut Governor Riordan (guest star Robin Thomas) — but their spadework turns up a corrupt developer (as Kaplan, guest star Zeljko Ivanek) whose business and romantic links to Riordan cause the official to step down in shame. However, A.D.A. McCoy (Sam Waterston) is stymied when he can’t get a third man (as Devin, guest star Jeremy Webb) to testify against the crooked business exec after he claims to have already married him, forcing the dogged McCoy to take the crucial gay marriage issue before the state’s supreme court. Chris Sarandon (“The Princess Bride”) also guest-stars as Kaplan’s defense attorney. S. Epatha Merkerson, Elisabeth Rohm and Fred Dalton Thompson also star.

I miss Jerry Orbach.

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