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We’ve got a soldier’s point of view about the election. From Vert1go4:

4 more years America

If you voted for Bush, didn’t vote, or voted no on gay marriage, I hope you get drafted.

I hope they stick you in my unit, and you go with me to Iraq when my unit goes back in September. I will laugh when you see what soldiers in that country face on a daily basis. I hope you work with gay soldiers too. I did. One of them saved my life. Think he shouldn’t have the right to get married? Fuck you. He fought just as hard as I did and on most days, did his job better than me. Don’t tell me gays don’t have the same rights you do.

Think the war in Iraq is a good thing? I’ll donate my M-16 to you and you can go in my place.


What if there is a mass “orientation conversion” to get out of this Iraq hellhole? Seriously, has the Pentagon thought about what it will do then?

With “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” firmly in place, and the loss of much-needed expertise as the government purged queerdom its from ranks it’s going to be a problem as they run out of cannon fodder.

If they lift the ban for expediency’s sake, then they will have advanced gay rights more than any perceived action on the Left could with gay marriage.

I feel so badly for the poor folks on the front lines that had no idea this was going to end up a prison sentence, instead of a true duty to protect our nation.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding