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In response to the article Gay Advocates Examine Role in Election(AP), the Freepers show us why we cannot abandon our core principles. First, an excerpt from the AP article:

Crunching the numbers, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force denies that gay marriage alone boosted turnout among evangelical Christians in Oregon, Ohio and Michigan, the three swing states where constitutional amendments were on the ballot. Bush voters also were motivated by the president’s stands on abstinence-only sex education and a ban on late term abortions, said Matthew Foreman, the group’s executive director.

“It’s sickening and fascinating that when one in five voters said ‘moral values” was the most important issue for them, pundits immediately equated that with gay marriage alone,” Foreman said. “To pin all of this on ‘the gays’ is wrong.”


Freeper tolerance and intellectual insight follow, but some of this is not far off from things I saw posted on liberal blogs just after the election……

To: paudio

I completely agree with this- it is SO typical of the libs to first of all- BLAME someone (gays) and second- to have no idea how many areas “values” cover.

Neither gays nor religion were my first two thoughts upon seeing moral/values as important voting issues.

I thought of Kerry’s betrayal of his fellow vets, then I thought of the complete corruption of the news-media.

Then I thought of Kerry voting against keeping my son fed and armed in Iraq. Then- partial-birth slaughter.

To be honest- I didn’t think of religion either- one of the good things about growing up in New England was how freedom of religion was drummed into our heads as youngsters. Maybe I still take it too much for granted- it’s like breathing.

25 posted on 11/06/2004 1:14:57 PM PST by SE Mom (Reeling from re-election rapture!)

To: paudio

…First I don’t give a GD about their sexual practices. Just stop acting as though you deserve to win the lottery or should have a statute in front of city hall because of it. Second, “gay marriage” is a symantic muddle of the worst kind. Whatever you want to call what it is when you get together, it isn’t what is normally referred to by marriage. They get all stuck on the financial and familial rights associated with it – familiy medical plans, married tax advantages (hah!) and family visiting rights when you are in the hospital dying of AIDS. THAT IS NOT MARRIAGE. Marriage is making a long term committment towards a family, with all of the responsibilities that go with it. It means raising kids and participating in a community of people who are raising kids or raised kids or will raise kids. It means going to Aunt Sally’s for Thanksgiving and being gracious about the marshmallow sweet potatoes, which I cannot personally abide. It is about community obligations. In terms of rights and priveleges, I was far better off single and without kids and committments. I ain’t complaining, but for chrissakes…

26 posted on 11/06/2004 1:16:44 PM PST by AndyJackson

To: paudio

Even Clinton tried to tell Kerry to take the homosexual marriage thing off the table. The 11 to 0 was loud and clear. Homosexuals are going to have to ride in the back of the democrat bus from now on.

31 posted on 11/06/2004 1:20:05 PM PST by cynicom)

To: paudio

Yes — for me abortion comes out quite a bit ahead of gay marriage as an issue — and it’s not just moral issues — Kerry was far too pro-UN for me. Then there was the government take-over of health care issue.

32 posted on 11/06/2004 1:20:23 PM PST by FITZ

To: JesseHousman; All; dsc

The homosexuals are not right about anything

Well, why would you trust a man who cannot figure out his biological functions or what his d__k is for? To be disordered and disoriented on even that simple basic level indicates some very serious mental/spiritual problems that automatically preclude the trust of any well-ordered and clear-thinking person.

38 posted on 11/06/2004 1:33:35 PM PST by broadsword

Now, can we all agree on who the real enemy is here? There’s also a Daily Kos diary on this.

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