Blogger’s acting up again, had a hard time posting.

Atrios temporarily turned off comments on his Eschaton blog.

Okay, I’m pulling the comments and taking off until Sunday evening or Monday morning. I’ll resist the temptation to post a long-winded explanation, and just say that right now the blog is annoying me, perhaps for the first time since I’ve started it, and that’s a sign that I need to put it on pause for a couple of days.

While he doesn’t say why he did so, it was getting pretty hot in there, a lot of Dem infighting and post-election blame game. I think for the diehard, saintly bloggers that worked so hard in this election like Atrios, it hurts to see the dirty laundry aired in public (It looks like O-dub may be feeling much the same way as Atrios — remember, I’m just speculating about Atrios).

I say that this explosion of dissent and discussion is a good thing — it should have happened way before this election cycle. The Democrats need to strategize without compromising core beliefs. And to do so on the most contentious issues of the day requires some serious and ugly work, like making sausage. I don’t know what they were thinking, but becoming Republican-lite is not the answer. It is however, easier to cast the unpopular concerns such as civil rights for gays and Choice aside if the short term goal is to win.

We have to hash this out so that we can take on the “morality” and “ethics” that Karl Rove wants us and the flock believe we don’t have. They’ve defined it, and the Dems let them.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding