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While time marches backward in Bush’s America, a same-sex marriage ban loses ground in Massachusetts, as two more seats were picked up in the state legislature by officials that oppose amending the state constitution.

A Globe analysis of Tuesday’s elections found that two or perhaps three newly elected opponents of the proposed same-sex marriage ban are replacing lawmakers who voted in favor of the amendment in the spring. Two more opponents would lower the margin of support from 105 lawmakers to 103 if everyone else voted as they did earlier this year.

However, activists and lawmakers caution that the vote totals are fluid, for several reasons. For example, a dozen legislators who voted against the amendment because they oppose both same-sex marriage and civil unions could back the measure this time, because they might view it as better than allowing same-sex marriage to remain legal.

On the other hand, a handful of lawmakers who initially voted for the amendment have told reporters that they are likely to back off next time because thousands of gay couples have married here without significant disruption.


And, one more reason Canada is looking good right now…Saskatchewan has become the seventh Canadian jurisdiction to allow same-sex marriages.:

Gay couples may now tie the knot in more than half of the provinces and territories in the country after a Saskatchewan court ruled the traditional definition of marriage is unconstitutional Friday.

In a five-page ruling, Justice Donna Wilson sided with courts in five other provinces and one territory, saying existing marriage laws discriminate against gay couples.

…Courts in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, the Yukon, Manitoba and Nova Scotia have already ruled in the same way Justice Wilson did. In fact, every recent challenge of marriage laws made has ended up winning, either at the introductory or appeal court level.

There are currently two couples challenging the law in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Supreme Court of Canada is in the process of evaluating a draft federal law that could make gay weddings legal from coast to coast.

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Pam Spaulding