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Today I posted a lengthy entry on a Daily Kos diary called “A minority evangelical speaks.”

It touches on the the struggle of evangelical minorities as they confront very real conflicts about principles and politics. I talk about the hypocrisy and denial in the black community about homosexuality, and why the closet is partially responsible for the increase in HIV among black women.

An example is the unforgiving perspective of The Rev. Patrick Wooden (below) of the virulently homophobic Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh. He has called noisy protests to oppose homosexuality, which he calls ‘one of the greatest enemies of Christianity.’ If you’re a black gay man, there isn’t room in this particular culture to come out without consequence and shame.

“We have to block the use of euphemisms when we talk about homosexuals,” Wooden said. “They are not gay. We’ve got to use terms like ‘deviant’ and ‘abomination.'” The News and Observer article

Take a look…


The latest issue of the Washington Blade is up and here are a few squibbs of interest, if you care to click:

* Gays ponder Bush victory: President takes one quarter of gay vote, stunning some activists

* Feinstein blames gays for Kerry losing [Good god, will it ever stop]

* S.F. Mayor says he’s no scapegoat

* and, my favorite for this week: New book to claim Abe Lincoln was gay:

Sixteenth president ‘never took much interest in the girls’

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding