We are all God’s creatures…except for the ones we slaughter to decorate our den

Mike Adams takes time out from having one-sided conversations with non-existant people to visit Doug Giles, commune with nature, and kill it:

I was looking through my scope at a break in the woods, exactly 126 yards from the deer stand when I suspected that a branch from a fallen palmetto was really the antler of a fallen Axis. But it wasn’t. And then something happened that I will never forget.

Just to the left of the spot I was examining, at 104 yards, an Axis deer rose from behind a wood pile with blood on the right side of his mouth. The beast had been licking an exit wound for 35 minutes when he got up to attempt an entrance into the thick of the woods. We called him in the hopes that he would stop his slow march into the thick for long enough to take the second shot. But he ran instead. Doug urged me to fire that second shot just as the beast broke into a solid run. At 126 yards, the Axis took a second and fatal shot behind the other shoulder. Thirty feet from there he reached his final destination-a fallen palmetto at the edge of the woods.

We waited another thirty minutes, just for safe measure, before retrieving the mighty Axis. Later, he was dressed and readied for the cooler. After a long day we were spent and headed to the grill to enjoy some lightly seasoned back-strap before turning in for the evening.

Yes, God (well, their God) put the Axis deer on Earth so that Faculty Lounge Hemingway could track it down, kill it at great distance (because you know how fierce them deer is), and then mount it’s head on the rumpus room wall.

In Mike’s case perhaps it will detract from that pathetic high school soccer trophy he’s been hauling around for the past twenty years.

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