I say we stone him at recess

Looks like things are shaping up pretty well in the United States of Jesusland:

A Fairfield Union High School junior and his mother are upset over the student receiving an in-school-suspension. They said he received the punishment for saying Jesus during school.

Clark Davis, superintendent for the Fairfield Union Local School District, said a student can be disciplined for using the word Jesus during school because the word can be deemed “disruptive.”

Seventeen-year old James Boring served the in-school-suspension over two days on Oct. 28 and 29. He spent one class period serving his punishment Oct. 28, and the remaining five periods Oct. 29.

James Boring said he was talking with a friend during study hall. James said his friend mentioned how many times she attends church throughout the week. That’s when James said he replied, “Jesus,” meaning “wow or whoa that’s a lot.”

James said the teacher heard the comment and told him he couldn’t say anything like that in her class.

“Anytime you say (Jesus), (the teacher) gets mad about it,” James said.

James said the teacher kept “getting on about me saying it.” As he was being instructed to go to the principal’s office, James said he called his mother, Carrie Boring, from his cellular phone.

James said the teacher kept scolding him, and as James was leaving the room he said, “This …. me off.”

Carrie Boring, 36, said she could hear the conversation between her son and the teacher from the point James called her from his cellular phone.

Boring said when the school’s principal, Dale Ferbrache, called her at home, he told her James was being reprimanded for “using vulgar language.”

She said Ferbrache told her why James was being sent to in-school-suspension toward the end of their conversation.

“He told me then they are not allowed to speak religious terms in schools,” she said.

Another student at the school said he had a similar incident with the teacher.

Steven Snyder, a senior at the school who turned 18-years-old Tuesday, said during the first week of school he was confronted by the teacher for talking. Snyder said the teacher told him to be quiet. Snyder said she persisted about being quiet when he said, “Alright, Jesus Christ.”

“(She) told me I can’t say Jesus Christ (in school), and she would get me in trouble for that,” said Snyder. “The lady in the office told me that’s the same as saying God (expletive).”

Meet the new PC, same as the old PC…

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