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Lunchbreak [additional] post-mortem. We came close in NC to making a change and we voted in bigger numbers than ever. And despite the gay-baiting in those 11 states that had amendments, the sizeable queer community and allies fought mightily and successfully to keep an amendment off the ballot. I am sure NC would have been state #12 to pass one if it were not for the progressives here.

The GOP knows this state’s politics is rapidly changing with the influx of Yankees here to the medical, high-tech and academic areas, along with increasing urbanization. Julia Boseman, an out lesbian, was elected to the State Senate on Tuesday, beating homophobe Woody White, who ran a nasty campaign.

Not all of the South is populated by inbred, toothless, fundamentalist Bush voters. There’s here — I’ve seen them — but the quite-large pockets of intelligent, progressive activism are here as well. The center of NC consistently votes Democrat. We should not be abandoned by the Dems over and over in national races. This group needs to be cultivated and energized. NC has 15 electoral votes, people. When you’ve got parties cherry-picking and going to places like Hawaii to look for votes, for christsakes, it’s worth trying to work on a state where you can actually make some headway. Please let the national party find someone better than Terry McAuliffe to lead. He sucked.

Durham Herald-Sun:

…In Durham — even without a compelling local race — 109,775 people cast ballots, or about 71.9 percent of registered voters. The previous high percentage mark in recent history was 70.5 percent, set in 1992. The record in raw numbers was 87,467 voters in 2000.

…Durham’s unofficial returns don’t include provisional ballots, such as those cast by people whose names weren’t found in poll books. The figures show that about 68 percent of Durham voters chose Sen. John Kerry, while about 32 percent voted for President Bush. Libertarian Michael Badnarik won 374 votes, while 258 wrote in a candidate.

The returns lean more Democratic than those in the last presidential election, when 63 percent of Durham presidential voters chose Democrat Al Gore, while about 35 percent voted for Bush. Still, other Democratic candidates on Tuesday fared slightly better in Durham than Kerry.

Gov. Mike Easley won 73 percent of the votes and U.S. Senate candidate Erskine Bowles drew 69 percent.

About 61.3 percent of Durham County voters are registered Democrats, while 19.3 percent are Republicans and 19.1 percent are unaffiliated.

In Orange County, Kerry garnered 59.6 percent of Tuesday’s votes while Bush won 39.7 percent. But those figures don’t include roughly half of the county’s ballots that were cast in early voting.

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