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The Rovian right hijacked an issue that was occurring locally in MA — gay marriage — and decided to co-opt “values” as they define them. Dems choked in terms of a coherent response to the GOP, which is why we are discussing these issues post-mortem. The discussions about strategy and philosophy should have occurred a long time ago.

When it comes down to it, the only thing that will change hearts and minds about gay people is for all of them to come out.

Gay folks are everywhere, and all those that voted their fears in this election likely work with, are friends with or are related to someone that is gay. And, given their political viewpoint, probably don’t know that person is gay. If you’re in a virulently homophobix red state, you’re likely closeted by rational and irrational fears about coming out, and that is what the homophobes want. They have a hard time dealing with the issue if they know someone.

Like the Cheneys, who are struggling with this in a way that is both realistic and cowardly regarding Mary, the GOP hypocrites are fine if no one knows about “the family’s shame”, even your daughter was a professional queer working for Coors. Obviously, if your job or life is at risk, coming out presents serious dangers. But ask anyone that has passed through that fire. No one who has would ever want to live in the life-killing place that is the closet.

If people come out, the homophobes will have no place to hide.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding