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You got to love Atrios. Go to his site; he’s got this hysterical thread going on a proposal for the Dems to toss out there, the “Tax Fairness Act of 2005.”

This Act would mandate that, within some reasonable margin of error, your state should get as much back from the feds as is sent to them in taxes. It’s time to end this kind of geographic welfare!

He then lists the states that are deadbeats for Bush (ones that receive >110%+ of their tax money back in government largesse — backwoods like MS, and AL and all the Red ones you imagine), non-deadbeats for Bush (NC falls in this category), deadbeats for Kerry (like Maryland), and non-deadbeats for Kerry, that pay their way and subsidize the losers, such as NY and CA.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding