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Kerry needs Ohio, and he won’t get it unless they go to the provisional ballots. If it ends up a 269 tie, then Bush wins anyway, since the House would vote, and it’s GOP-dominated.

It doesn’t look good folks, and watch for the blame game tomorrow. I’m hearing it already. Folks on MSNBC and CNN are talking about the cultural/moral issues factor in this race, meaning the hate amendments — the subtle spin is that gays pushed the envelope too far for our increasingly fundamentalist population.

It’s open season on homos now if those provisional ballots don’t come through. In any case, it proves Karl Rove’s plan to put hate amendments on the ballot in critical states was brilliant and evil. The base came out, and frankly, we’re outnumbered.

What the Democratic party will likely do now is tell queer folks to sit down and shut up so they can find a way to win back the presidency. Just watch. Our civil rights will take a backseat unless we fight for them.

States like NC, where we fought to keep a super DOMA off the ballot will now find ourselves fighting the state legislator wingnuts, who have vowed to bring the issue back after the election. Even our re-elected Dem governor Easley, caved and said he would support a state amendment in the last couple of weeks of the campaign. šŸ™

Vancouver, anyone?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding