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I’m in a foul mood, folks, and as anyone who knows me well, know I have a high get-pissed threshold..

What is maddening about discussing the election debacle with other Dems in the blogosphere, who are understandably upset at losing, is that gays didn’t drive “push marriage” during the campaign, we laid low during the Dem convention, gave sh*tloads of money to elect KE04, didn’t push for them to have gay marriage on the platform, and all we’re getting is blame when the blame lies elsewhere — in the homophobic GOP and the Democratic parties.

It’s clear from a tour around many blogs today that any amount of tolerance of gays was too much for some Dems in the party, and it’s surfacing now that some Dems are looking for a scapegoat for KE04’s defeat.

It’s not that gays need to be wholly embraced by the party, but damn, who wants to be slapped in the face as the cause of election woes last night, instead of say:

1) Bob Shrum, eternal loser at running campaigns;

2) Terry McAuliffe, who has run the party deeper into the ground with each election cycle, or

3) KE04, for not even attempting to reclaim the “morality” mantle by pointing out the hypocrisy of the Religious Right.

All you “gay blame game” f*ckers lay off already, and take a look in the mirror. We’ve all got to take on Bush and the extremists without compromising our principles. Turn their game back on them.

End of that rant.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding