Clifford May endorses Bill Clinton

It’s true.

It’s 3 PM on November 2, 2004. There has not been a terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11/01.

If Osama bin Laden could have attacked us over the past three years, he would have.

If OBL could attack us today, he would.

Whoever is responsible for keeping the barbarians outside the gates deserves praise – and re-election.

Posted at 02:53 PM

Let’s see …first attack on the World Trade Towers ….hmmmmm ….February 26, 1993.

Nothing again until …..hmmmm….9/11/2001.

Looks like President Pet Goat still has about three more years to match Bill Clinton’s record. Hell we’ll even give him credit for those eight months when he was asleep at the wheel (even if one of those months was spent on vacation), cuz, you know, Presidentin’ is hard work.

Considering the brutal pace of the past few weeks of campaigning isn’t lil George due for some quality nap-time? Can we really risk that?

Vote Kerry.

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