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Anecdotes, just anecdotes…

One of my employees (and one of the few who admits to being a Bush supporter) came in this morning and said that he had changed his mind and voted for Kerry. His reasoning: He was pissed off about soldiers not being given proper armor in Iraq. By the way, he’s the only veteran working here.

I have pretty much discouraged any political talk at work since it’s pretty counterproductive, but everyone has come in this mornng talking about voting. I’ve been voting since 1972 and I’ve never seen this much interest in an election ever and that includes the special election where we ended up with the Gropenator.

My wife just called and said that our poll location was runing about a half an hour wait which is pretty amazing since most of our neighbors are younger single people who usually vote later in the day (based on previous experience). Now we know that California is not in play so I have to attribute some of this to the extraordinary San Diego mayoral race which changed dramatically with a write-in candidate who, although a City Councilwoman, is the ultimate outsider. Donna Frye is the wife of famed surfer and board shaper Skip Frye which, if you’re a surfer, should mean something to you.

I’m off to vote now.

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