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More voter fraud and suppression all over. It really makes you pray for a decisive Kerry victory so we don’t have to deal with fallout from this sh*t. (NYT):

In Lake County, Ohio, officials say at least a handful of voters have reported receiving a notice on phony board of elections letterhead saying that anyone who had registered through a variety of Democratic-leaning groups would not be allowed to vote this year.

In Pennsylvania, an official of the state Republican Party said it sent out 130,000 letters congratulating newly registered voters but that 10,000 were returned, indicating that the people had died or that the address was nonexistent. Mark Pfeifle, the Republican spokesman, said the numbers showed that in their zeal to register new voters, Democratic-aligned groups had committed fraud.

And in Michigan, Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land said she had to put out a statement in mid-October about where to send absentee ballots after voters in the Ann Arbor area received calls telling them to mail the ballots to the wrong address.

…Common Cause, a nonpartisan group that runs a hot line for reports of problems like missing absentee ballots and long lines at polling places, reported yesterday that of 53,252 calls received nationwide, 8,658 have been from Florida, the state where the bitter recount took place in 2000.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding